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Voting for 3rd party is an act of bravery. You risk being blamed for the other party winning. But you know there is a world on the other side of the two party system where we forge our own future to solve problems.

Are you looking for a dynamic and passionate candidate for US Congress? Look no further than Bobby For Congress in District 3. With a strong focus on community engagement and positive change, Bobby is dedicated to representing the interests of the people. Join us in supporting a candidate who truly cares about making a difference. Vote Bobby For Congress for a brighter future.

Decentralize, Decentralize, Decentralize

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Numerated Powers

I will only support legislation that is encompassed in the federal numerated powers or moves us directionally there.

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Sovereign Money

My campaign for US Congress supports a separation of Money & State

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Local Control

Let New York be New York, Let California be California, Let Arkansas be Arkansas

About us

Bobby For Congress is a campaign dedicated to representing the people of Bentonville, AR in the US Congress.

Our mission is to bring positive change and progress to our community through strong leadership and a commitment to serving the needs of our constituents.

My brother and I were poking around the Texas State Capitol while the legislature was out of session. This picture captures the feeling of helplessness in our current political situation.

Technologically Progressive

Use AI to better interface with the VA

Use AI to better interface with the VA

In digital age's embrace, we seek to find,
A path through red tape, with ease in our mind.
With AI's keen wit, we pledge to unite,
The veterans' cause, in their valiant fight.
No longer lost, in bureaucracy's maze,
We'll guide them through, with technology's grace.
Their service honored, with every step made,
Our commitment firm, their trust not betrayed.
For health, for support, no request too small,
A representative, true to the call.

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 Kursk Nuclear Power Plant, view from water reservoir

Nuclear Power

To cool the warm earth,  
A pledge we now birth.  
With nuclear's might,  

We fight the good fight.  
Clean power, our quest,  
For all, it's the best.  

Safe, efficient glow,  
To make futures grow.  
This promise we hold,  
In stories untold.

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Living Water

Data-Driven Analytics

From coast to coast, from urban sprawl to rural homesteads, we pledge transparency in every dollar spent and every dollar saved. Our campaign is rooted in the belief that every taxpayer deserves insight from the highest peaks of government expenditure to the deepest valleys of fiscal savings. Through the lens of data analytics and the clarity of digital dashboards, we promise to shed light on the intricate dance of federal finances, illuminating every shadowed corner of budget allocations and expenditures. Our commitment stands firm: to bridge the divide between government actions and public knowledge, ensuring that from the first penny to the last, every citizen is empowered with understanding and oversight over the nation's purse strings.

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